Business Solutions

With widespread use and affordability of IT devices, an education or business entity deploying dozens of these devices in a day is the current norm at the technology forefront. With such numbers of IT devices in use daily, the need to safely and expeditiously recharge its power cells for its next use, presented an infrastructural obstacle in itself. Security of these devices has also become a challenge in preventing pilferage and loss.

With these challenges in mind, a joint product innovation team from GNO Holdings Pte Ltd and Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific successfully designed and developed the range of FUJITSU mobile charging carts to meet your charging needs faster, easier and safer!

All models are ergonomically designed and certified in accordance to CE, FCC, TUV standards (model type dependent) by approved testing labs.

Available in the following 4 models with datasheet available for download below;

1. CS 100 – 10 bay cabinet, USB charging with each bay capable of storing, charging and sync a 10″ tablet. (PDF)

2. CS 200 – 32 bay cart, AC charging with each bay capable of storing and charging a 15.6″ laptop. (PDF)

3. CS 220 – 42 bay cart, AC charging with each bay capable of storing and charging a 15.6″ laptop. (PDF)

4. CS 300 – 48 bay cart, USB charging with each bay capable of storing, charging and sync a 12″ tablet. (PDF)

Business Solutions – BenQ

With advances in teaching methodology coupled with affordability of Information Technological products, the education sectors has much shifted away from traditional whiteboard teaching to more effective ways using mobile or wireless devices.

In partnership with BenQ Singapore, we had worked closely with several schools to transform their classrooms into a modern setting leveraging on wireless technology and affordable products. From concept to proofing, we have assisted these schools to take a leap forward in integrating wireless technology to modernise their classrooms using wireless projections and interactive flat panel displays.

Business Solutions – Targus

Businesses often upgrades their Information Technological connectivity infrastructures to keep up with demands of seamless communications with their customers especially when communicating across the globe. Upgrading to meet the latest connectivity protocols and standards is important.

In partnership with Targus Singapore, we had worked closely with several business entities in transforming their traditional office desks into hot desks with docking stations and universal power connections for different brands of laptops. Complete with cable management to give the hot desk a clean look and feel. This has facilitated businesses to be on-the-move and made business processes more effective.

Contact us for a good package deal if you are purchasing on behalf of your education or business entity!